10 “Must Haves” (as far as I’m concerned)

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve taken the liberty of putting together list of items that will not only make life more enjoyable but probably rank you among the top 3 coolest people in your circle of friends.

1. Bible

That’s right.  B-I-B-L-E.  You have to have one.  The BIBLE definitely makes living life easier.  I mean, it’s God’s word.. Straight from the creator.  Get you one (or two or three) and carry it with you everywhere.  You never know when you’ll have time to read it.  I prefer the “amplified version” but there’s a variety out there, find one you like and read it.

2.  iPhone

I’ll admit that  I fought the whole PC vs Mac battle for a long time.  I always thought I enjoyed PC’s and would never cross over.  Then I realized, I really enjoy products that work.  Thus my conversion.  I definitely recommend any apple product.  I will suggest that you purchase a nice hardshell case for your iPhone as breaking one does seem to cause minor stomach irritation (especially the phone call to your wife advising you dropped yours in the parking deck at work; or whatever the story may be)

3. Rainbows

If you’re still sporting old navy flops because you were trying to be “smart” with your money, or because you could walk in the store with a $20 bill and walk out with a bag full of items then you need to break down and purchase some of these. I’m currently on my second pair (still have the first they just have a small odor about them) and I’m in love.  They take about a week to really break in but after that, you’ll be hooked. 

4.  Rayban Wayfarer

Whether it’s the fact that you’re a huge Jack Nicholson fan or that you want to look like Brody Jenner (good luck with that by the way) from The Hills, these are a definite must. Step out of 2010 and go back to the future my friends, it’s the 80’s again and these are where it’s at. 

5.  Macbook

I must admit, as I’m entering this blog on my Dell laptop, that owning one of these is a dream of mine.  So, technically, it’s a “must have” but I don’t “have” at the moment.  My wife does have one so whenever she’s in a sharing mood I’m fortunate enough to get to play around a bit.  Again, I’m partial to things that work so my next computer purchase will be a macbook. Laptops are the way to go!  If you aren’t goin you’re slowin… you gotta be able to be on the move and you need your computer with you while you are.  It’s just that simple!

6. Swiss laptop backpack

I actually rotate between this and my Kenneth Cole leather briefcase but for comfort and ease this is the way to go.  The briefcase is definitely more professional looking and has fewer pockets but the backpack makes life so much easier.  With this backpack it has a side pocket for your computer as well as plenty of room for notebooks, books, iPhone pocket, etc.  These are great and extremely durable.

7.  Toms Shoes

 A buddy of mine told me about these and I had to check it out (Thank you Randy).  For times when Rainbow flops aren’t possible or to just mix it up, I recommend Toms shoes.  My wife just bought me a pair of these as one of the gifts for our anniversary and they are extremely comfortable.  Comort, however, really isn’t an issue when you consider that for every pair of Toms shoes purchased they give a pair to a child in need.  Look into this program and buy you a pair of Toms…they have them for Men, Women and Kids, get your whole family some!! After all, loving others is what it’s all about.

8.  Diet Mtn Dew

I don’t feel a strong need to explain this but I’m in love with Diet dew.  Deal with it!!  I prefer the 24oz big boys you can purchase at wal-mart in a 6 pack, those are great!  I prefer them chilled and not really on ice…a watered down dew just won’t work..write that down!

9. V-neck tee

I don’t have chest hair but if I did I’d be lettin it ride out the top of a v-neck tee all day long baby.  I’m a big fan of the v-neck.  Regular tees that are tight around my neck makes it feel like I’m being choked.  I’m also not a fan of under-shirts but sometimes due to the material of your top shirt you need an under-shirt and v-neck is the way to go.  If you haven’t tried it, do it; if you have and don’t like it… to each his own.

10. Axe hair products

Okay, so I don’t have a ton of hair but what hair I do have I rock!!  I’m currently rocking a little messy/spiked/hawk/i don’t care kind of look and to perfect the look I prefer axe “whatever”.. it’s the yellow one.  They have a variety so pick what works for you and rock it too!

  1. paroodija says:

    I`m living in another side of Earth, so it`s pretty interesting to see top like this one 🙂
    In Latvia from those ones there would be only Rayban, Macbook and Iphone, about another things I`m not so sure.. 🙂

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